Friday, August 24, 2007


I started this blog to unveil the Forever Youngstown platform initiative of my short-lived campaign for Youngstown City Council as well as to initiate dialogue on issues that we all face and generate ideas for a better city.

Below are some excerpts from my campaign launch announcement, ironically scheduled to be delivered 1 hour after I found out about the independent issue. Although I will not be running, a majority of this remains true:

For those of you who may (or may not) have known, I filed to run as an independent for 7th Ward City Council in May. It was something I contemplated for the last year or so. I really wanted to run in the primary, but there were just too many circumstances that I needed to resolve in order to run. I was able to clear up some of those and decided at the very least to file my petition for November and go from there.

During the first few weeks of June, I spent some time figuring out what decision to make. Certainly I needed to weigh the pros and cons. The list of reasons not to run were many (the margin of John Swierz’s victory in the primary, many uncertainties involved in my own personal life, the fact that I didn’t run in the primary, experience, funding, time, etc. – the list can go on and on). As you can see, the reasons not to run for City Council are many; the odds are certainly stacked against me. Even so, one item on the “pro” list stood out to me: I want to serve as a member of City Council and work to make Youngstown a better place for all of us. The latter won out.

Therefore, even against all odds, I am officially announcing today that I will pursue a seat on City Council and continue on with my “TEAM Latessa” campaign (let’s just say I have a little unfinished business). I want to let the citizens of the 7th Ward know that there is a new vision in place, along with a new group of leaders ready, willing, and able to take on the challenge and do our part to make Youngstown greater than it ever has been. They need to know that we are ready to put personal differences aside and work together toward a better tomorrow. I am ready to join forces with that team and serve the people of Youngstown.

We owe a lot to the leaders of yesterday for keeping us afloat and preserving some of the great assets we have, even through some trying times. But those leaders, at times, built some barriers, a “wall” that has prevented many from serving and achieving results for a better tomorrow.
Things are beginning to change. Over the last few years, I began to see that there are many enthusiastic, dedicated people gathering behind that "wall"...with their ideas and energy, with their skills and passion, with their hammers and chisels, slowly chipping away at the barrier set before them. The momentum has steadily grown. I am ready to join forces with those behind the wall. I am ready to give one final push and finally knock our barriers down, roll-up my sleeves, and get to work to make Youngstown greater than ever.

The time is now. I want to represent you on City Council and promise that…

I will Shout Youngstown…

I will Defend Youngstown…

Because I am
Forever Youngstown!

See you soon on the campaign front….bring your hammers.


I will soon launch the platform as well as some of the key points in future posts and use this blog anyway. Stay tuned!

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